Book publications

Book: Métodos Computacionais Aplicados à Agricultura (Computational Methods Applied to Agriculture)
Computational Methods Applied to Agriculture: Python & Weka (Portuguese)
Métodos Computacionais Aplicados à Agricultura: Python & Weka 

Computational methods applied to agriculture: Python & Weka brings the technological possibilities of one of the most important sectors of the economy. The book addresses innovative subject matter in the national IT literature, and shows how technology is important beyond desktops. It covers concepts related to digital image processing, database, machine learning and data mining.


Book: Introdução a Administração Financeira com HP12C

Introduction to Financial Management with HP12C (Portuguese)
Introdução a Administração Financeira com HP12C

This book is an introduction to financial management serving as the foundation for undergraduate and postgraduate (specialization) students. It covers key concepts like money, time and interest, as well as financing systems and loans.


Escrita de Sinais na Educação do Aluno Surdo (SignWriting in Education of the Deaf Student)

SignWriting in Education of the Deaf Student (Portuguese)  
Escrita de Sinais na Educação do Aluno Surdo

This book is an important milestone in documenting the history of sign language writing in Brazil, and how literature written in LIBRAS benefits everyone who uses LIBRAS as their first language.


Book: Textos em Libras
Texts in Libras (Brazilian Sign Language)
Textos em Libras

In this work the author puts together some of his texts written in the SignWriting system. The book can be used to educate the deaf as well as a stimulus to reading and writing Libras.


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